Sunday, 28 March 2010

Spring in the North

We are past the Spring Equinox, and last night the clocks went forward an hour. This is a big deal this far North. I'm at 56 deg 17 mins North here, so to US readers, whose country borders Canada at 48 deg North, it's clear I'm a lot further North than any of you.

So, suddenly it's still daylight at 8 PM, and the days are lengthening noticeably now. In June, it will still be light until nearly 11 PM. We pay back for this in the winter, when it is dark late into the mornings and early in the afternoon. The cabin fever can hit hard, and it's not a good time to have ME. But now everything is great and getting better. I love this time of year, as the sun climbs higher in the sky every day. The effect is even better tonight, with a big bright full moon lighting up proceedings.

The hens like it too, suddenly I'm being deluged with eggs!


  1. We moved to Daylight Savings a few weeks ago and it really gave me a lift in mood. I didn't realize it stayed light until nearly 11 p.m. anywhere in Europe. I do know about cabin fever though, having lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba for a year where, for months, it was too cold to venture outside unless you had to. There (and I assume in North Dakota and nearby states), instead of cabin fever, they call it prairie madness. It was a fitting phrase: after one winter I told my husband to get me out of there (even though Winnipeg really is a lovely city).

  2. Yum! I'm thinking omelets and German pancakes and deviled eggs.

  3. WE don't get very cold winters in Scotland, courtesy of the Gulf Stream, but it is just dark and dreich for weeks on end.

    Shelli - I'm getting really good at egg recipes! Here's a favourite:

    My little bantams only lay little eggs, so I use six of them instead of four large eggs. Bantam eggs have higher proportion of yolk than standard eggs, and give a lovely colour to everything you use them in.

  4. Everything is moving up a gear this side of the country too. I love the lighter evenings but the hour change always throws me for a loop. Fresh eggs, yum.

  5. All that sunshine sounds wonderful (gray and rainy here today)...and the eggs do, too - that's my favorite comfort food!

    We changed the clocks a couple of weeks ago, so it;s light until about 7pm now, just in time for soccer season for my boys which starts tomorrow!