Saturday, 27 March 2010

On dealing with problems.

"If your house is flooded or burnt to the ground, whatever the threat to it, let it concern only the house. If there's a flood, don't let it flood your mind. If there's a fire, don't let it burn your heart. Let it be merely the house, that which is outside of you, that is flooded or burned. Now is the time to allow the mind to let go of attachments." Venerable Ajahn Chah.


  1. Oh, we do have similar "tastes" in Buddhism, Richard! I rely on Ajahn Chah's teachings in my book more than any other teacher. I've learned so much from him. Had I seen this quote before, it might have landed in the book. Here's one of his gems that I memorized well before I got sick in 2001: "If you let go a little, you'll have a little peace. If you let go a lot, you'll have a lot of peace. If you let go completely, you'll know complete peace. Your troubles with the world will have come to an end." Wouldn't that be nice!

  2. It would be very nice. The man has a way with an aphorism.

  3. Happy Birthday, Richard!

    I couldn't get you a gift, but I did put your link on my blog and my website.

    Hope you like them.

  4. Thanks Jody - sorry for tardy reply - internet issues at this end!