Thursday, 15 December 2011

Something to talk about

Time has been passing in my ME way.  Foggy days, blurry vision, lost threads of thought.  Then, in the way of ME, a period of being relatively better appears, and it's time to think things through.  Then, a nudge from an unlikely source, the Mark Wright chat prog on Channel 5.  I'd never heard of this entertainment until he caused a furor in Scotland with what were seen as callous, if not border-line racist, comments about a murder in Lewis.

Mr Wright redeemed himself with a recent discussion of ME, in which he appeared to be genuinely shocked to learn how debilitating our condition is.  Callers to the programme gave factual accounts of the devastation ME causes to lives, and both the programme's participants and the audience were clearly appalled by what they learned. 

Here's a link:

It's well worth a look.