Monday, 29 March 2010

In a spin

My head's going like a cement mixer today. I'm just back from the new house, and I'm planning this that and the next thing. Where are the hens going, how do I best use my veg plot, can I get a polytunnel, and what size. I need to build a beehive. I need to get a chainsaw and a trestle for firewood cutting. All great fun - there will be much drawing of plans, scrounging of wooden pallets to recycle into beehives and raised vegetable bed edging, cadging of bulk bags and chipped wood for path making, studying of seed catalogues, setting up of incubator for chick hatching, and all sorts of other fun stuff, all that can be done at a leisurely pace. Low cost, low impact, low input are the guiding principles, though I'll need to make a few investments early on when I get my pension lump sum.

One of these to tow one of those is on the list, for wood-collecting and daily transport for me. I've one of these in mind as well. I'm going to need this and that as well

My veg patch has 13 metres of South facing wall - I could probably grow figs, peaches and apricots against that, even this far North!

I'm enjoying this!


  1. Richard glad to hear you are enjoying planning out your new garden.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog about your olden day method of removing ticks, it is recognised to be a dangerous way to remove a tick because it can make the tick regurgitate it's stomach contents into you hence increasing the chances of contracting lyme Disease. I have left a response.

    Please keep reading up about Lyme especially Burrascano guidelines found on

    With your health problems and a history of tick bites you would be well advised to join Eurolyme chatline and discuss with others and seek expert advice from one of the few Lyme Literate Medical doctors found in the UK.

    57% of members on Eurolyme were previously diagnosed with ME/CFS and years later found it to be Lyme.

    It can be many years after a tick bite before the infection becomes symptomatic.

  2. I'm go glad you're having a great time! I used to love to plan out a garden project, gather materials, carry it out. Now my relationship to my garden is to appreciate what has still managed to look good despite my neglect and to pull the weeds out a few at a time as my energy allows.

  3. Well, Toni, I'm planning to create a low maintenance, low input patch on Permaculture principles. Worth a look if you are planning changes.

  4. Joanne - I'm going to follow up on your suggestions next time I see the GP

  5. This sounds very exciting. I shall follow with interest.