Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Happiness Award

Chris Mooney, that fine Scottish gentleman, has nominated me for a Happiness award, and I thank him for it! There are duties attached to the award, as follows:

The rules:
- When you have received this award you must thank the person that awarded you this in the new post.

- Name 10 things that make you happy.

- Pass this award onto other bloggers
and inform the winners.

So, thanks again Chris.

My ten happy things:

1. Family. I'm lucky to be part of a family that all get on, all live with 20 miles of each other, and who keep in touch. I gain a lot of strength and happiness from them all.

2. Friends. Again, I've a good circle of close friends. My regular Wednesday night chat in the pub with friends and neighbours is a highlight of my week.

3. Country life. I'm out in the boondocks and wouldn't have it any other way. I live in a lovely part of the world, and I appreciate that every day.

4. I'm at that funny age when all my children are grown but I'm not a grand-dad yet. I tend to find myself practicing grand-dad stuff on other people's young children. So, I will nominate Robyn, my next-door neighbour who is five, and who keeps me right in looking after my chickens.

5. Being from Yorkshire, living in Scotland. Best of both worlds really.

6. The peace I've found since studying Buddhism.

7. Music - all of it. Couldn't live without it.

8. The happy recent feeling of getting my life back after a pretty horrendous couple of years. I'm starting to feel like a proper retired person at last, and I'm going to enjoy it.

9. Looking after my birds. When I get it right they look good and reward me with eggs. I like the symbiosis between keeper and kept. The responsibilities and obligations are good for me.

10. This ME cyber-community. I'm very glad I found it, and I take a lot of strength from it.

My nominee for a Happiness Award is (drum roll - cymbal crash):

Nasim Marie Jafry of the velo-gubbed legs. Nasim's wonderful book was one of the first things I read after my diagnosis, and I found it a great help in realising that all sorts of people living all sorts of lives were going through the same thing as I was. I was charmed and entertained by the book. Thank you, Nasim!


  1. I like number 8. I found that for a while and fully intend to find it again.

  2. Richard, Glad you enjoyed the book and found it helpful - thanks kindly for the award, you are sweet, but I tend not to do blog awards/tags, have explained this a little on my own blog thread. Cheers anyway!

  3. I love your list, Richard. I've only been to the U.K. twice. Once was for the sad occasion of closing my mother's flat when she died. She had been living in Cambridge for several years. One of her friends took me and my brother to Ely Cathedral. That was a great experience. There's nothing that's the equivalent of European cathedrals in the "New World." On the second trip, I went to London and to Bath. I wanted to go to Bath because I'm a Jane Austen reader. I had no idea that the real treat would be the Roman ruins!

  4. no problem nmj - I just wanted to put my thoughts on record.