Saturday, 20 March 2010

A New Chapter

Well, unbelievably, it seems that the wait is over - we've sold our house! It's for a lot less than its pre-credit crunch value, but it's great to have the liability of a mortgage I don't have the income to service gone. It feels like a tonne weight off my back.

Happily, we are all signed up for our new home , a rented cottage on a small sporting estate only 6 miles away. There is plenty of space for vegetable growing, chicken keeping and lots of other little plans that have been on hold for a while - everything from making mosaics through keeping bees to soap making.

I'm looking forward to a summer of pottering about and making a start at:

building a top bar bee hive

starting a "no dig" vegetable and fruit garden

putting up a polytunnel

trying to build in as many Permaculture practices as possible into my life

Breeding my favourite Croad Langshan poultry

Maybe even keep a few Abacot Ranger ducks

being able to do all this in a settled and meditative way, no pressure, no deadlines, but just pride in doing it all as well as possible.


  1. Congratulations on selling your house. I love your list for summer. More time around the house is definitely one of the "perks" of being sick (although I'd trade not being sick for that perk in an instant!).

    Small world: I was just reading your comments on Chris Mooney's blog (you've provided him with so much valuable information) and saw you mention Stephen Batchelor. At this very moment, my husband is making the two hour drive from Davis to Palo Alto for a "daylong" with him. How I wish I could go! (Well, now I've come full circle to what I said in the first paragraph -- how I'd trade staying home for my health in an instant!)

  2. Hi Richard - You post today made me nostalgic for the UK. I have so many great memories from my time being stationed in Ipswich in the 80's.

    I am so glad you are "out from under" your house. I have been wanting to buy a loft but I often wonder if the extra 'work' will be worth having my own space.

    I just recently joined a local co-op and the food is amazing. I wish I had the energy and strength to grow my own but at least I have the resources to buy local and get really great food.

    I have added a link of your blog on my blog.

    BTW, I love your name. What a great name! :-)

  3. Fantastic!!! I plan on selling my home sometime in the near future too! It certainly sounds like a GREAT decision for you :)

  4. I'm really looking forward to it all! I will recruit my two sturdy sons and my daughter's boyfriend for all the heavy lifting, and I'll just supervise and potter about!

    I'm adopting a Zen approach, I'll take my time and see what happens - I'll enjoy the journey, and not worry about the destination.