Thursday, 25 March 2010

Election Time

For the benefit of non-UK readers, I'll start by explaining that the UK Parliament does not have fixed election dates. The date is chosen by the Prime Minister of the day, who will of course always choose a date that favours his or her party. You might think that this is profoundly undemocratic, but I couldn't possibly comment on that.

There can be up to a five year interval between elections, and one is due before 3 June 2010. There appears to be a consensus that 6 May 2010 is the favourite date. I am aware that this makes no sense, but it's one of those British things that happens because "its tradition"

Anyway, we are soon to be granted the opportunity to choose a new Government.Whilst that feels a little like being offered the choice between being robbed or burgled, we do get a say for once.

Any road up, as we say in Yorkshire, I found a couple of web-sites for Parliamentary ME groups, and I pass them along for what they are worth.

The Holyrood lot are here

The Westminster version for those beyond the Tweed is here

Some handy info, and a steer on who to write furious letters to! I hope someone finds it useful.


  1. Thank you Richard. I may well vent my spleen if I ever have the energy.

  2. I had a very prodcutive day last week and wrote letters to my local MPs asking for their thoughts on CFS/ME and what they're going to do to help the thousands with it. I've also asked why should I vote for them. I'm still waiting for their response... I also included AYME and AFME's manifesto which can be found here:

    for them to read. Can't wait for them to come aknocking at my door!!

  3. Good move, FG! Perhaps all of us the UK should be doing the same. I'm pretty impressed by the response I've had from Nicola Sturgeon's office here in Scotland - I'm less sure what's going on down South.
    I'll be telling every candidate at my door that they need to sort out the Employment and Support Allowancs fiasco ASAP!

  4. Oh, my letter included all the trouble I've had with getting benefits etc. I'm hoping they'll take notice (how many people in their 20s write to their MP?!). I'm glad you've had a response, let's hope I'll get one soon.