Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Mission Statement - Permaculture and me

Gosh, that sounds very portentious and organised. Now I've been at the blogging for almost a month, I thought I'd take stock of where it's all going.

So - the key purpose of the blog will be to chart my progress through my ME midlife crisis. It's a diary, it's a chance to let off steam, it's a chance to talk about music and and writing that appeals to me. However, it will also record my progress from being a hectic wage-slave, via illness and unemployment, through into a new way of living on, through, and with a small patch of land.

There's a fairly happy coincidence of circumstances here. In a Permaculture system, the land is left, insofar as practicable, to look after itself. For example, mulching is preferred to digging, and every opportunity is taken to lessen inputs, whether by eliminating spending on artificial fertilizers, or by counter-productive disturbance such as digging. As I am too poor to spend much, and too ill to dig much - we are in a good position to pursue Permaculture. I hope to attend courses, learn more, practice more, as time passes. Other skills, such as green woodwork and poultry husbandry wiull be part of the package. The objective is to live a calm, natural life and find some healing in doing so. There will be progress reports...

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