Sunday, 2 August 2009

Chicken maintanance

Well, I just cleaned out my little chicken coop, currently occupied by half a dozen "teenage" chooks, all about 12 weeks old, and very full of themselves. It's the first useful thing I've achieved today - it's been a while since I felt as boisterous as my young birds do!

Bantam keeping is a great PWME activity - it never asks too much of you all at once, and the responsibility for the welfare of the little girls (and three teenage boys) is a good motivator on the "blah" days when I really don't feel up to move at all. The rewards are pretty instant also, it's always a pleasure to find eggs in the nest box.

This hasn't been a great week. Since my day at the Big Tent Festival last Saturday, I have been flat as a fluke - foggy, headachy, utterly without energy, either too hot or too cold, and constantly perspiring. We have a wedding reception to attend in Edinburgh tomorrow, I really wonder if I will be up to it, although it will be nice to see both our friends at the wedding, and also the friends who have offered to put us up for the night in Morningside.

Housing issues lumber on. We've been offered the lease on a great old house in the country - hurrah! But - the buyer-to-be of our house has just had the sale of her property fall through, so we remain in limbo. This is not good.

As ever - we shall just have to wait and see...

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