Thursday, 6 August 2009

Iain Anderson - Radio Scotland

I can be seriously disgruntled with the BBC. I am especially annoyed when they feel the need to do things like send thousands of well-paid employees on freebies to Glastonbury whilst unwaged citizens like myself are compelled to pay their exorbitant licence fee under the threat of criminal prosecution. Similarly, it seemed that they sent their entire newsroom payroll to Washington for the US Presidential inauguration, for no discernible reason.

However, they do manage to get a lot right, and Radio Scotland, except for its moronic over-devotion to football at weekends, is a good example.

Iain Anderson's late night music programme is always a joy, and I commend it to you. And - in the 21st century, you can hear it at any time, anywhere in the world, through the miracle of the electric interweb thingy!


  1. Super recommendation thanks. I seldom listen to Radio Scotland at this time but I will do now - although I'll still have to get my 'dose' of the arguments on TalkSport!

  2. I try to avoid arguments in the evening - too unsettling! Thanks for your support, though - it's appreciated.