Thursday, 9 July 2009

Introduction and some recommendations

A year of M. E. has left me without a job, and with some choices to make. I don't think I'd want to return to the stress, risk and hurly-burly of Social Work even if I was well enough to do so, which I'm not. So I'm looking for a new direction, if not an absolute target destination, remembering Robert Louis Stephenson's dictum that "It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive".

I've gone pretty much for the old hippy self-sufficiency line. The plan is to sell the house, clear off all our owings, and rent a place in rural Fife with a bit of land for hen houses, a polytunnel, fruit and vegetables, beehives; all with Permaculture very much in mind. Translating all this into action is still hanging on the sale of our house. We've found a potentially ideal place to move to, so fingers are tightly crossed. Watch this space

I've made some basic steps already, and am the proud owner of a small flock of bantam hens. The ladies in question provide us with a steady supply of small tasty eggs, and a fair amount of amusement and distraction. Chickens live in tightly ordered hierarchies, involving intrigues and struggles for power from time to time. The Top Hen rules with a beak of iron, but might be deposed at a moments notice if, as an example, she is careless enough to become broody. The other hens then have to re-establish the pecking order, an aptly named phenomenon.

But - chooks are ME friendly creatures - they don't take a lot of looking after, and the reward of glorious fresh eggs is good for PWME (Person with ME) self-esteem. If you are tempted to learn more - look here.

Nasim Marie Jafrey - The State of Me

If you are looking for a great read, look here

Nasim Jafrey's first novel, it took her nine years to write. She is a PWME, and uses her great skill as a writer to include in her novel a deeply accurate description of how M.E. feels. Unconditionally recommended.

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