Sunday, 12 July 2009

In which I am annoyed by "The Observer"

The Observer, in the tradition of UK Sunday newspapers , has an irritating lifestyle colour magazine wholly aimed at millionaires living within the M25. In today's edition, William Leith describes as "Chronic Fatigue" the state he ended up in after a decade of cocaine misuse, heavy drinking,and high stress levels. He cured himself by cutting out the abuses, getting more exercise, and sleeping regularly.

It seems to me that what he calls "Chronic Fatigue" is nothing like the ME/CFS that I experience. We are back to the nomenclature problem again. If Chronic Fatigue is what happens to silly metropolitans who don't look after themselves, then what I have isn't Chronic Fatigue. Yet "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" is what it says on my sick notes. No wonder I have trouble with the DSS, if my illness is being lumped together with the results of the self-indulgence of Mr Leith and his chums.

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