Thursday, 16 July 2009

A Day in the Life

I'll be adding to this post as the day passes, I thought I'd log a day in the life of a PWME.

I woke at about six, feeling foggy, groggy and clumsy. Normally, at about 6.30, I go downstairs and make our breakfast, but I cried off today on the grounds that I felt I was highly likely to drop things, break them,and generally make a mess. So Susanneke did it instead! After she set off for work, I decided against a shower, as I thought I might fall, and got dressed. Flynn, my sagacious collie/greyhound red merle lurcher, takes this a cue for our morning walk of about 500 metres to the village shop, returning via the village green. However, proceedings were interrupted by a phone call from my son Douglas, who announced the happy news that, depending on the results of a medical, he has been accepted to train as a police officer with the Tayside force. Hurrah! I called Susanneke and my parents to let them know. It's amazing how a bit of good news gives you a lift!

So, belatedly we set off, Flynn bounding about as he does, me doing my impression of Lurch from the Addams Family. We got to the shop and bought 6 morning rolls, a Guardian and a Dundee Courier. I got home and felt the usual mini-crash happen. In twenty minutes I felt a little better, so I put the kettle on and went into the garden to see to the hens. I have six layers of different breeds, and six youngsters that I hatched under one of the layers when she was broody. Three of the youngsters are cockerels, and I'd like to keep them to breed from next year, if we can manage our move before they start crowing and make the neighbours complain! I should tell the estate agent to get my house sold or the poultry gets it, I suppose!

Now I'm sitting with a cup of coffee at the computer. I'm feeling a bit foggy still, and this seems to be a tinnitus day :( other wise, so far, so good. It's 09.52

11.23 - I had a sleepy hour. Tried to read the papers, but couldn't concentrate, ended up dozing on the sofa. I woke up hungry, so had a roll with salami, then came up to add to this post. The Dylan song popped into my head for no apparent reason, so I added it to the blog, and then updated here.

11.56 - It's a beautiful day - warm, with a light breeze to stop it being too warm. Feeling relatively perky, I took Flynn down the lane to a nearby open space. Bounded by the Ceres burn, there is a football (soccer) field, amongst trees and hedgerows. I foraged some greens for the hens out of the hedgerow - the meadowsweet is the "plat du jour", and I found some ripe Sweet Rocket seedheads which I collected, some for me, some for Alastair, my eldest son, who wants some for his garden in Dundee.

I'm probably going to go quiet for a while now - I can feel the onset of the jelly legs.

15.34 - I've just woken up and I'm feeling fairly yukky - dizzy, disorientated and foggy. From noon to 1400 I read the paper, and dozed on and off. At 1400 I gave up trying to stay awake and went to lie down on the sofa. I slept for over an hour, and then took 20 minutes or so to wake up enough for the dizziness to become manageable enough to stand up. I took a little walk into the garden, to find the that I had an egg to collect, then came up here to update.

1915 Dopey and slow since the last entry, I read emails, and was drowsy, headachy, and "tuned out". Susanneke home at six, we ate. I'm in front of the TV for the Tour de France highlights just now.

2030 Tour highlights over, I took the dog down the lane for five minutes to wake myself up - a partial success. A neighbour's son dropped in and asked me to witness a passport application - which I did. The coffee pot is on just now. After my coffee, it will be bath and bed for me at about 2200.

Reading back over this record, I think I've picked a pretty typical day. I wasn't so good first thing as I often am, and I sometimes am a bit brighter in the afternoon. On the other hand, I've had plenty of worse days. I'll revisit this in a few weeks and see if there are any conclusions to be drawn.

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