Monday, 13 July 2009

Gentle Pursuits for the PWME - No 3

When I had energy and money, I used to build electric guitars for my musical son. With a few short-cuts, courtesy of Warmoth, this isn't an insuperable task, and the results can be utterly stunning. I've built a Stratocaster copy, and a Telecaster. I've also modified an Epiphone Les Paul with completely new electronics, hugely improving the tone, and including some fancy switching so it can reproduce the sound of Peter Green's "out of phase" Les Paul of the original Fleetwood Mac glory days. The pickups for the Strat and the Les Paul came from the redoubtable Bill Lawrence, whereas the Tele has Wizard pickups. I'll know I'm feeling better when I sit down with Douglas, my son, to plan the next instrument.

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