Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Mickel Therapy?

I was a little concerned to see a comment added to my last post that appears to be an advertisement for a rather expensive course of psychological treatment for ME. At a time when the evidence for ME having a physical cause - in the form of a virus - is stronger than ever, I find myself very unconvinced by a suggestion of a psychological 'cure'.

In my previous incarnation as a Social Worker, I had plentiful dealings with Cognitive Behavioural therapies, and I know that they have a great deal to offer in appropriate cases. I was offered CBT myself through the ME clinic here in Fife, and benefited from it. The benefit, however, was not that it cured my ME, rather that it helped me to learn to live with it, negotiate with it, manage it, so that I could still achieve goals (albeit limited ones) and avoid despair. What it didn't do was 'cure' my ME, nor did I ever expect it to; psychology isn't about curing chronic physical illness.

Even if I had been tempted to try 'Mickel Therapy', the fact that it was presented to me in a spam post to my blog would have set me against the idea. It's been pushed at me in the same way as those Nigerian 'get rich quick' emails that invite you to give lots of money to someone you've never heard of. Well, I'd never heard of Mickel before today, and just like the Nigerian spammers, he's getting none of my limited funds.

I'd really appreciate comments on this. I am actually quite angry about what I see as an attempt to deceive me into parting with money that I don't really have in the vain hope of being cured of a chronic physical condition by some form of psychotherapy.

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