Tuesday, 17 May 2011

New Doctor, Same Old DSS, Keeping Sane

I think I'm impressed with my new GP practice. I get the sense that they have no great experience of ME, but they are positive and supportive. I've been having a bad time with mood swings lately, ands a visit to the practice resulted in an appointment for a psychological service for the chronically ill. A previous visit about a bad episode of eczema had me at a dermalogical clinic within 10 days, and has resolved the problem. So, three cheers for the Leven Health Centre.

Meanwhile, I'm back on the Benefits treadmill. I've found a good source of support in the local Citizen's Advice service. Just thinking about the task of making a claim without help makes me feel ill, so I'm glad of the help. It's probably useful that I have crossed the 'I can do that' barrier - as so often these days I cannot.

I potter about with my raised bed vegetable garden, my polytunnel, and my chooks. All this is doable in the 20-30 minute episodes of energy I can muster two or three times a day. The 'Battlestar Galactica" boxset has proved a great way to pass some of the bad times. Less often, I read, but the concentration is so shaky.

To look forward to - ten eggs in the incubator - five should produce blue egg laying Cream Crested Legbars, and the other five are Wheaten French Marans that lay sumptuous chocolate brown eggs comme ca. All this assumes that they aren't all cockerels, which produce only these. Oh! and this :)


  1. Sounds good Richard.

    I'd love to keep hens, but I have four Jack Russells...

  2. I have one elderlylurcher, the hens have him well trained. Cats work well with hens - the hens bully them into caution, but four JRTs is probably pushing your luck..