Monday, 30 May 2011

Atomkraft? Nein, danke!

I spent six happy years in Germany, dividing my time between Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, rural Baden-Wuerttemburg and Heidelberg. Germany is a very rational country, a country of philosphers, musicians, poets and thinkers, as well as an inspiring capacity for design and manufacturing.

These eminently sensible people erect wind turbines where-ever possible to generate electricity, and have just announced that from 2022, no nuclear power will be generated in the Bundesrepublik. Many in Britain would want to decry these decisions as deluded, but I think it's fair to say that the Germans have made a much better set of economic decisions than any other country in Europe in the last fifty years, and it's hard to dismiss a choice made by such a successful economy.

Scotland has similar ambitions. Are we going to see a North - South split on energy policy? France and England continuing to use the 20th century nuclear solution, whilst Northern Europeans move onto renewables and the 21st century?

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