Friday, 6 August 2010

What does ME feel like?

I get asked that a lot. Here's as good an answer as I've found, although the experience extends to razors, cups of tea, cordless phones, remote controls. I even lost my car recently - took me 15 minutes to find it again.

Thanks to Leanne Hunter - who posted this to the Facebook UK Chronic Fatigue Syndrome group.

Toothbrush, Toothbrush, Where for art thou Toothbrush?

I search under the cupboard,
I look inside the kitchen sink,
I look inside the breadbin,
I look inside the fridge.

But my toothbrush is nowhere to be found.

I look inside my cabinets,
I look under the couch,
I look inside the fish tank,
Turn the living room inside out!

But my toothbrush is nowhere to be found.

I search around the garden,
I look inside the shed,
I check between the bed sheets,
And underneath the bed!

Where could my toothbrush be?

I search around the bathroom,
My toothbrush isn’t in the bath.
It isn’t on my storage shelf.
Or beneath the bathroom matt.

Where’s my blooming toothbrush?

I sit with hands tight on my head,
How will i brush my teeth?
I don’t want plaque on my gums,
When i go to sleep!

Now it’s getting late,
And i want to go to bed,
I give up and sigh and say goodnight,
And raise my weary head.

And then right there before me,
My toothbrush proudly stands,
In the place it’s always been,
In its own little stand!

I start to feel frustrated,
I should have looked there first,
Before the contents of my house,
We’re angrily dispersed.

What did i need my toothbrush for?
As i hold it in my hand.
All night it’s had a purpose,
One now, i can’t understand.

Why did i need my toothbrush?
What could its purpose be?
My brain flicks on, its purpose;
Was to stir my cup of tea?


  1. This is wonderful! An alternative name could be "Ode to Toothbrush," although the name you gave it really is better. I think all of us with ME/CFS (23 years for me) know exactly what you mean.

    Patricia Carter

  2. Sorry. (You can tell I have ME/CFS, can't you?) I meant to ask whether you would give me permission to post your "Toothbrush, Toothbrush, Wherefore Art Thou, Toothbrush" on our forum: ?

    Patricia Carter
    (Wildaisy on

  3. Permission isn't mine to give, really, I pinched it from a Facebook group, see details in my post