Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Beyond a Joke

I'm fed up with snow. It's been nearly a month now since the first fall here, and we are still blanketed in the stuff. At night , we are seeing double digit minus numbers on the thermometer. My stack of firewood is diminishing rapidly, and cutting it up is tiring me out.

Bah! Humbug!


  1. snow is so irritating! really pretty, but so irritating!! fortunately i'm on the south coast and we've not had snow for a couple of days now, i feel for you!!

  2. I would gladly take some of your snow if even for just the week of Christmas. Not even one snowflake here in Tulsa, OK!

  3. Did the snow let up for ya? Did you have a nice Christmas? Were you spared the post-christmas-crash? Not me! But starting to come out of it now I think!

    It's pouring rain here in San Diego. I like it though, unlike most spoiled San Diegans!

    When are you going to comment at my blog? ;-)