Thursday, 27 May 2010

Return from the Cybervoid

After 7 weeks of absurdity I'm finally back online! I coud use this post to give a blow by blow account of my dealings with unco-operative and obtuse Internet Service Providers, but it would probably bore you as much as it does me, so we won't go there.

On the plus side, however, we are now established at the new address. The financial storm clouds have parted, and I have been granted early payment of my pension on the grounds of my ill-health. Combined with the Employment Support Allowance I was granted at my appeal tribunal back in March, I now have a guaranteed income. It's not as much as I used to earn, but it is a good two thirds of that amount, and I'm now spared a great deal of worry.

Moving house with ME is quite an experience. I found that there were days when the sheer need to get things done carried me through, followed by some heavy-duty "payback" days. Oddly, there were a few times my depression, which is normally under control, put in an appearance, despite the steady progress I felt we were making.

I'm sitting here in something of a trance today - yesterday was my regular colonoscopy examination, a souvenir of the bowel cancer I had nearly 20 years ago. To add to the fun, I was examined from both ends on this occasion! The sedative used always gives me a filthy hung over feeling, although I'm happy to report that the test revealed all is well.

It's good to be blogging again, watch this space!


  1. Welcome back to cyberspace, Richard!

    I really can't imagine moving with ME - it was exhausting back when I was healthy! Glad to hear you're settled into your new place, and I hope you recover soon so you can enjoy it!


  2. Welcome back! Seems you and I were both offline for sometime because of snotty internet providers. I was off for about 3 weeks I think, which just did my head in!
    Moving house must have taken a huge amount out of you, but congratulations for getting through it :-)

  3. Hi Richard ~

    How great that you got the financial help. I can't imagine how much work that must have been for you - from both sources. Looking into getting Disability here seems so overwhelming a task, I don't even want to "go there!"